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Gamerule to Disable Large Trees


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    Domolas [GD] commented
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    It's quite annoying for me. I have to be aware of the quality of my Minecraft map, being conscious that people are going to see it. And growing trees is no exception. Most of the trees I grow are oak trees, and I often want then to be small oak trees, but they turn out to be big or balloon oak trees. For me, a /gamerule affecting the type of tree grown from a sapling won't work. Instead, add a block state so that we know what type of tree a sapling will grow into, which will be visible when the F3 menu is opened and you are looking at a sapling. The block state should be randomized out of the options computed to be available in the area you're planting the sapling.

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    Dominicentek commented
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    what the game does with already generated big trees?