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Adjust Pillager Patrols Spawn


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    I agree, pillager patrols spawning can partway ruin the game for me. I'll be in the middle of building something and suddenly there are pillagers knocking on my door. I'm paranoid about accidentally starting a raid in the middle of my base.

    I was thinking maybe a gamerule to disable patrol spawning (eg /gamerule dopatrolspawning true/false). If you wanted to go find a pillager captain to start a raid, you'd have to go looking - similar to how you go looking for ocean monuments and woodland mansions. The rewards of a raid are so good that you'd have to do a little more work to get them than with the current system.

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    Build a wall around them? Or don't build next to them....

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    Bree Hurley commented
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    I was playing minecraft and a group of 6 spawned and i waited for all of them to despawn and then carried on