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Re-Release Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition


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    jonesrmj commented
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    Yes please! I really want to download the original Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition! I unfortunately didn't get the chance to download it, and instead could only download Bedrock. The Bedrock version is okay, but I miss the classic Edition version and really want to redownload it and play it again. I think it's fair to bring it back since Java Edition let's us play the older versions of Minecraft in addition to the newest version!

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    Rafiforfun commented
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    I really agree with you, ESPECIALLY ON THE FOR FREE PART. Like I got scammed I bought minecraft bedrock on switch thinking it was switch edition and I'm SO MAD Its  so laggy and the only worth it thing is the Mario mashup. I see why the discontinue legacy console but not at all why they delist it. 5% of your players??? Thats a gotta at least be a few million people. Better together yeah not much better....