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Block Icon for Launcher


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    Laura Loethen commented
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    This is my main problem with the new launcher. The number one rule for upgrading something is don't remove something useful you already have. If you look at the screenshots above you can see it was much easier to tell the profiles apart with the formatting. They are profiles, btw, not necessarily different installations.

    Please also change the 'Latest Snapshot' icon back to a Crafting table or allow us to change it. A larger Play button would be nice too.

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    Arennovas commented
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    Yes please, I'd love to see that reimplemented. I mean it still is in there, just in a far weaker and more useless state as it only appears on the currently selected profile and not in the list itself.

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    Calev Berger commented
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    Now you can change the icon for the installation. I have April fools snapshots and their block is a cake, because the cake is a lie.

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    AgentM124 commented
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    Additional request:

    You can change the icon for any installation with an exception for:

    • Latest Release
    • Latest Snapshot

    Which is a shame in my opinion. They both have a fixed icon.

    My suggestion:

    Allow changing the icon for these versions as well.

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