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[Java Edition] Performance Enhancements For Minecraft Servers (Multithreading?)


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    Hi folks!

    Stepping in to remind everyone that if you agree, all you need to do is vote. +1/yes/please/off topic comments unrelated to this discussion are not required (and have a pretty solid chance of being removed) - this is not a petition, this is not a petition site, and comments should be reserved for constructive discussion and questions about this topic. :)

    Thank you for all your enthusiasm!

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    FirestoneHD commented
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    Good idea, would help a lot for survival servers specifically.

  • 199
    Sasha Stevens commented
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    The update Minecraft needed 10 years ago

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    This is needed for 2b2t.org, the oldest anarchy minecraft server out there.

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    WitBlue commented
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    This could really help not only anarchy servers, but survival and factions servers too

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    Cerbiac commented
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    Spam anywhere you are allowed to. This is virtually *required* to save servers, and should have existed in the first place.

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    VeNNOMstrike commented
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    This could not only help servers but could also boost the experience of people playing on mc with multicore cpus

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    This is needed for 2b2t.org, the oldest anarchy minecraft server out there. The Players need to wait 12 hours in this que make it so 500 to 1000 players can join the server at once thath wud be great xD

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    Dracathio commented
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    Boi I wonder what happens to hosting sites when this finally goes through?

    it's one of the biggest things though that could fix everything, just imagine what hypixel and wynncraft could do when multi treading finally becomes a thing? lol

    Sadly this kind of an update would take a while in all honesty...

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    Yes it would be a greater survival experience to have something like 1280 players on at once. This will in turn cause stronger economies, societies, and communes to be formed on the oldest vanilla survival server.

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    GGiGraxx commented
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    it would optimize server enormously tbh

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    MeeAmAwesome commented
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    Yea, please do, my server runs on an 8-core, 16-thread Xeon, but only one thread is optimized. It has great single-thread performance, but this will be incredible for the community.

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    As a server owner, this would be massively helpful for hosting my vanilla survival world.

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    Techno3600 commented
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    It amazes me how bad they destined 1.13 coding-wise. Please add this.

  • 25
    SirCoolness commented
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    YESSS, multithreading will make things so much easier.

  • 30
    Robert Smith commented
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    Don't be lazy at least optimize your game, Mojang

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    oHAV0Xo commented
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    If this were introduced, the would be less need for 3rd party plugins and jarfiles to start servers. This could save servers for Minecraft as a whole. This could even save Minecraft in general.

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    DeltaHL5421 commented
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    This is what Minecraft needs. Many large survival servers completely disable redstone and gameplay mechanics because of poor performance.


    I know Minecraft Servers already has threaded lighting and Paper(a minecraft server fork) has some patches to implement multithreaded chunk loading, but it needs to be more syncronized with the rest of the server.

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    FlowboJoe commented
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    2b2t.org is the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Over 7 TB world size since it hasn't been reset since December 2010. This creates a LOT of lag when the player number is only at around 150. There are always about 1000-1500 people on the server who have to wait in a roughly 12-hour queue just to get on. The server owner would like to increase the player size, but it's not exactly doable with the single threaded system. Upgrading Minecraft to allow for multithreading would be a HUGE perk, especially for servers such as this. Thank you, Mojang for all that you do!

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    OuterAtol78 commented
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    I know a lot of people want this for bigger servers, but Mojang if you see this, it will help tremendously for running a server on ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi. A lot of people think it's dumb to run a server off of an ARM device but it's great for playing with just 10 or less friends and using little power allowing me to run it 24/7. It's ran great for 8 people playing until 1.13. It lagged on 1.12 but was playable but now 1.13 can run 2 people at once and then time out if someone enters the nether. If it was using all the core the system had I'm sure it might lag still but I bet my money that it'll be more than playable for my friends and I 

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    There are no downsides to this, it is very necessary and will allow servers to have more players online and handle certain operations better.

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    qwuardy commented
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    If Minecraft really does this 2b2t.org might be able to have 1000 at once with no lag.

  • 9
    Brian Gentile commented
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    Easier said than done, though. I don't know much of programming or Minecraft's code, but i know enough to say that it would take a very, very long time to do.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it. Just saying it may not be possible to do in any reasonable amount of time.

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    Roelof Buter commented
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    This would be an amazing feature for servers, especially 2b2t.org!
    In my opinion, it should have been done years ago, even though it takes time to implement.

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    Cyrus Rebello commented
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    Why hasn't Mojang done this before? :/

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    The Kelvidore commented
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    This would be good because it would also allow for more complex updates to minecraft without having to think alot about server performance 

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    This would be a game changer! Imagine having thousands of people in one place!

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    I want to remind everybody, not only would this help with server size, but server crashing, with only 1 core servers are much more likely to crash, with 32-64, it would be a lot more unlikely. I think adding multi threading support is an absolute must

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    Don't let 2b2t lag add multithreading support

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    RIPKARMAA commented
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    2b2t is grateful