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Skeleton wolves


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    I fear there is a bit of, conflict of interest with the existence of this mob. Wolfs chase skeletons for there bones, these Wolfs are skeletons, why would they not chase eachother in the same way?

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    MrD1085277 commented
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    Skeleton wolves are in Minecraft Earth.
    But Minecraft Earth is running out, so it should be added to the original Minecraft.
    They should spawn in the Soul Sand Valley biome and in the ordinary world, but only during a full moon.
    They would have the same mechanics as in Minecraft Earth and it would be impossible to tame them.

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    Sam43LaGrezz commented
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    Connor Schultz, I think like this: normal wolves would attracted to solid cruncy bones, while skeleton wolves would attracted to fresh juicy living creature's meat. Sounds make sense

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    I like it, but I'm confused about the whole "skeleton wolf killing your dog" thing.  It seems like in order to get a tamed skeleton wolf, you must force your doggy to get killed by a skeleton wolf... doesn't make the most sense.  I think maybe it should be a situation similar to the skeleton horse, where the skeleton wolves have skeleton owners and you have to kill their owners without killing the wolves themselves, and then you have a pet... or something like that.  The Nether skeleton wolves should be wither skeleton wolves.

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    Brutebull74 commented
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    Really terrifying but cool and creative idea