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What is parity? This category is designed just for features that exist but work one way on one platform, and another way on a different platform. Bugs are not parity! Please read the intro post before you post!


[Java Parity] Gossip system


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    Edd at Esco commented

    Yes we need this feature because our iron farms have always been bad when compared to Java. If not this mojang should add another feature to bedrock to make iron farms more competent. Thank you and I hope u consider this.

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    FishEpicMan2 commented

    Also if this was added we would be able to have better iron golem farms! I was following a tutorial on YouTube but of course it does not work in bedrock because villager mechanics don’t work the same in bedrock and Java.

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    itsMBN commented

    Yes this gossip system is so smart. I don't get the current system. I never get discounts except Hero effect. They always increase their prices and don't even refresh trades twice. Once they are locked you have wait out the day and the next day as well to avoid high prices. Trading is not fun in Bedrock I'll tell you that much.

    And also no incentive for curing zombie villager. In java, he gives you discounts forever. Even more discounts if you keep trading with him. I thought this was 1.14  supposed to do; make trading fun.

    Please consider improving the trading as it's and integral part of the village and pillage update and really just makes it more fun to do all that stuff.