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Minecraft Muddy Pigs


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    Hey folks, loving the enthusiasm, but let's not spam the comments with +1/agree/yes posts that don't actually add constructive things to the conversation.

    Just a friendly reminder to show the love with the votes instead. :)

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    Me encanta!!😍😍😍

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    I think it's a cute idea. I also think a new 'Mud Block' would also be a cool idea. When players and mobs walk over it, they leave mud tracks.

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    Blast Burner commented

    To me the stuff from Minecraft Earth must be added into the base Minecraft game. It makes sense. If that doesn't happen, I will be very cross.

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    make her rarely appear, please:3

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    I believe, if anything it should just be a variation of a normal pig if "mud" was ever added, be it as an obstacle underground or just decoration in a biome, it wouldn't really make sense for a muddy pig to exist without mud being in the game.

    A pig could role around in it during the day and then it's texture changes.

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    why not a muddy block to go with it... so you put in a few muddy blocks and the pigs love it... they kind of sink halfway down into it...

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    not a mud block a mud bucket and also I love muddy pigs they look cute and amazing but to get them should you do that you will need to make a pool of mud and then a normal pig will run to it and then turn to a muddy pig

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    Minecraft Earth has them!!!

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    Add muddy pigs and realistic mud so that they can roll around in the mud. Bring on the interactive mud for the piggies and piglets!! 🐖