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(Existing Content, Review) Skryim Mash-Up Pack is very lackluster


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    DarAlizja commented
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    Actually the other village is not called Helgen but Riverwood. I share your idea, how the whole map is lacking of excitement. I buyed it myself and now in 2020 there are also missing textures by the Piglin.
    The Blaze seem to be a storm atronach but it is very bad textured ;-;
    If they have a problem with texturing it.. why they didnt just made a alternative skin for the Blaze to make it look like a flame atronach. It would be more fitting with the fire attacks anyway.
    Also i dont rly like the design of the glass sword (diamond sword). I hope, they are still working on this project and rebuilt the skyrim Map :x

    If they dont wanna build this map it wouldnt be a problem. I can work with the existing one and edit it by myself. But atleast the texture pack should be finished :/

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    I've been using this pack to build my own rpg world(in more of a Tamriel way; with how extensive the world will be) but i think itd be cool if there were Khajiit, Argonian, and Wood Elf skins for villagers(not including wandering trader since they don't move -_- ) in the game as well so theres more to work with and personally i feel as if the original strider skin would be more suitable since it reminds me of a two legged creature from Morrowind, other than that everything is pretty awesome especially how different skinned villagers can hold different occupations rather than just one based on their skins, hope you guys see this and consider my ideas :D