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Stop Pillager Patrols from spawning in a well lit area


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    PotatoesRC00l commented
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    I agree, they are super glitchy rn.

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    They should not spawn in well lit areas and they should not spawn on blocks that other mobs dont spawn on, like halfslabs. There needs to be a way for the player to make an area safe if he wants to. This and also having the annoying trader spawn every five minutes to sell garbade gets old really fast.

    Having an extra challenge for players who want more pve is great but also casual players should be able to disable spawning in an area or repel for example flying hostile mobs in the overworld. I like having the pve element there but being able to light up an area and be able to do my own thing and build for a while without being bothered is equally important. Maybe make it possible to disable pillagers and the trader from the menu could be a temporary solution. There could also be a structure to summon the trader, rather than him spawning at random constantly.

    I wonder if Mojang is just going to add random crap to drop on Your head at random while you are trying to work. I will og to their workplace and throw cranky old cats at them every five minutes or so, see how easy they think it is to work like that:D.

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    Xanterra5973 commented
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    WaterChalice makes a good point - you should be able to build a base which you have 100% confidence enemies will not spawn in if you put in the effort (without having to resort to mods, as people on the bedrock edition don't have access to them). Illagers should not ignore light level (which every other hostile mob in the overworld respects) or half slabs - those two restrictions are only going to be present reliably in a base. As a potential compromise, to allow them to still spawn to attack villages during the day, they could potentially ignore *sunlight* when determining light level but still pay attention to light level.

    Forcing players who don't want to deal with enemies to do so at random times is only going to piss people off, not boost "engagement" metrics.

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    misterglace commented
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    This is the case of easy mode!