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Pillager Outpost generation tied to Village Creation


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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    I think next to every village is a little bit too often, but I still like the idea. However, this is kind of already in game: Currently pillager outposts have a significantly higher chance of spawning nearby a village. Whenever I find an outpost I always look for a village nearby, because there usually is one. But I really like the idea of pillager patrols coming from outposts.

    So my idea is that for every village, after so much time, the village spawns a pillager patrol at the nearest outpost. However, since the patrol will usually be in an unloaded chunk, all unloaded patrols should simply be some coordinates and information on how many illagers are in it (and what types). When a patrol is unloaded, it's coordinates should still move towards the village. That way villages always get attacked by patrols, but actually from outposts.