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Mantaining Skins in Offline Mode (Java Edition)


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    Nosttromo commented
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    Agreed, when i'm offline for some reason, I feel like i'm playing some sort of cracked minecraft, where we only have the default skin or have to go into minecraft.jar to change it. it is no different than having a cracked copy of minecraft

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    I only have limited data internet on my phone, so I can't use skins. I would greatly appreciate this feature. An easy way to implement this would be to add a folder to the root directory that is created when the launcher opens, also a field on the launcher where you can drag n drop an image file and it will put it in the folder then when the user clicks play offline, instead of the game searching for the skin server it would instead look for the folder at root to find the skin.

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    Baroquetroll commented
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    You can change your offline skin by having a resouspack that changes the Steve or Alex skin.

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    RelievedBee commented
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    The closest thing we can get to Offline skins in texture packs, but that only retextures the Steve and Alex skins, this makes it difficult for people who don't really know how to edit/create texture packs.


    I want these offline skins to apply over offline lan, because it sometimes makes it hard for multiple people to only have the option of 2 different skins.