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Folder "Options" for options instead of single options.txt


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    tryashtar commented
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    You can already set separate directories per installation, which is the correct solution to this problem

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    AgentM124 commented
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    You could set different directories per installation.

    However one can't access saves this way.


    • Play 1.14: Set 1.14 specific options.
    • Play 1.6: (The world is for 1.6 only, but in same saves folder, because you upgraded to 1.14 althroughout)
    • Play 1.14: Options have reverted to 1.6

    Solution as described by TwinShards would be a great alternative. However since it wouldn't be compatible with previous versions of the game, the launcher should extract the proper options file to the root folder. However this may all be too complicated and this problem should be tackled differently, possibly from in-game, with limited support for 1.14+

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    This is not a launcher suggestion.