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Iron Golem Changes


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    I don't think It's combat prowess isn't really a problem, but it definitely feels weak to raiders and such because it can't really get into combat with mobs very easily. It's too slow to protect the villagers. The dash attack would definitely alleviate this problem a little by giving it small bursts of speed.

    Another solution is to give them an ability that causes mobs in a certain radius to target the iron golem rather than any nearby villagers. A "Taunt" if you will. This works double for protecting villagers and helping the iron golem deal with the raiders by attracting them to him rather than having to get to them himself. Perhaps being immune to knockback and/or being more resistant to arrows would help against the crossbow-wielding illagers, or that could just be their advantage.

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    Wilm Mliw commented
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    Nice ideas bro i'll come to add these others


    -Punch: Normal strike using one of it's fists.[Small damage and knockback, fast cooldown]

    -Slam:Grab a enemy smaller than them then they strike them on the floor stunning them for 1 sec. [Medium Damage,No knockback, medium cooldown]

    -Dual Hammer: The golem using it's two hands striking the enemy and sending to the air with a height of 4 to 6 blocks making this a hit where this benefits of the fall damage.(This one will replace the actual one in game)[Medium damage, no knockback, high elevation, slow cooldown]