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Granular Catagories on Feedback Site

under review


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    It is likely we would put our resources into improving search and adding better filters rather than complicate the interface for the community like this, sorry!

    I can see and sympathize for the problem you're working on solving here, but making things more complicated might not be the way to go.

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    Bee Syndicate commented
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    Hey Inkycatz,

    Thanks for the feedback on my feedback and the insight into the thinking at Mojang! This is super valuable when thinking up the next idea for improving the feedback site. It would be interesting and helpful to know what you guys are already looking at improvement wise as far as the feedback site is concerned. What Improvements are already planned? What needs a solution that dosn't already have one. Is there a place that we can find this information already that I don' know about?  If not could you tell us about that type of thing. If we knew something about the roadmap then we could focus our resources here on the community side as well. Regardless it is great to know that you guys and gals take the time to consider feedback from everyone even a new user like me.

    Thanks again!

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    Yeah, we're definitely due for a "state of the Feedback site" post around here - look for that likely next month coinciding with our first year anniversary! :) It's been a fun ride so far.

    As admin of this particular corner, I'm always interested in ways we can improve things during year two and beyond, and once we unveil our brand new visual look (no exact dates on that yet from our team, even for me!) it should give us even more of an opportunity to tackle some of the bigger issues we have ahead. 

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    Bee Syndicate commented
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    Thanks Inkycatz! I can't wait to hear what you guys are cooking up for the Feedback Site and I think I will reserve any other Ideas I might come up with for it until after that.

    If I could for a moment make a few comments about search and I hope it can be kept in mind when you guys put your time and resources into improving it.

    Search is super important and I am in no way suggesting that it not be improved. You folks should absolutely do that. It's important to remember that Search is not a replacement for organization. Now I understand how it is easy to fall into that trap. On the surface it seems like a good Idea it is after all what we go to first when we are looking for something. Its easy, Its Fast and who doesn't want that? There is no question that Search has changed our lives and how we use technology. Remember how Yahoo brought a whole generation of people online by making the Internet functional and accessible. Now we depend on search giants to make sense of this massive ball of information we call the internet. It would be very hard to manage without site like Bing, Google, and Duck Duck Go. But when it comes to smaller data collections search isn't always best. We have seen this thinking take over in Windows as well as on the web starting with 8.1 generally this is a good thing except when search is Inaccurate, Incomplete, Manipulated (even if done for the best of intentions) or returns results that are ambiguous or themselves difficult to navigate. Also search results change over time due to algorithm and changes in the available data pool. This is a good thing in general and is how search is supposed to work but it does have some draw backs. Because the search isn't where the information exists this location is not static and can actually make it harder to find something your looking for that you saw before.

    Why do lots of people save lots of things to the desktop when search is so front in center. You might think its because its easy to access or because its fast. And although this is true the same could be said about search its easy and its fast. So whats the real reason. It is because when someone saves an Item to the desktop they know where the data is and they know its not going anywhere.

    I argue that a Feedback site that both better organization as well as advanced search is the best approach. It is like looking at a map vs a list of directions .with granular categories you can also see whats near by and and have a clearer understanding of what is going on in an area of suggestions. Where is there a lot of activity what could use more is there something similar that I wouldn't necessarily see in search results.

    There are lots of advantages to knowing where a piece of is if its organized. Let me pose this question. If we are going to rely on search instead of organization then why have any categories on the feedback site at all? The thought I think most would agree that would be insane right? Why would we think that?

    Its because there are advantages to organizing data in a way makes sense to us humans and to know where the data is.

    Just my thoughts


    As always thanks and keep up the good work over at team Mojang