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Improving Wandering Trader Sales


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    fort nite commented
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    Yeah he sells basically the exact same stuff every time I see him this should fix it

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    Sheepherd XB commented
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    Currently, he's starting to be seen as a bit of a nuisance because his trades are very lacklustre and only occasionally useful. I think he should at least have one of his trades be a "rare trade" where he could offer rare loot like you find in loot chests. For example, he might offer things like:

    • Potions
    • Ender pearls
    • Saddles
    • Shulker Shells
    • Music Discs
    • TNT
    • Things that make you say "Where did he even get this? LOL!"

    This would make him much more exciting to encounter and it should be fine considering he is guaranteed to despawn so players can't keep using these amazing trades forever.

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    A Whimper commented
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    I up voted this because I think there are some glaring omissions from his list. Namely bamboo and sweet berries.
    I look at the wandering trader as a vehicle to get biome specific items. He carries basically every type of plant except for bamboo and sweet berries. I won't quibble over crop's because they are available in most villages which you need to visit to get the emeralds for trading anyways. I mean the guy has tropical fish in a bucket and blocks of coral for crying out loud but no bamboo?

    I actually disagree with the wandering trader having rare items. I think players should have to work for their diamond armor but I don't think they should have to travel 30 minutes to generate new map to find biome specific items.

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    John Sliger commented
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    Far as rare items go, how about nether wart? When I harvested nether wart,  I kept being killed now I can't find anymore.

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    When I met him first time, I was happy to finally see him, but the more and more he appeared, the more and more it is less appealing. After like 8-10th Trader, I ignored him and I do till that. That is why I made this suggestion. Because after few visits, he is less useful that coarse dirt. Also, I think the more items he can sell the better, because then when you see him, you will ask yourself: ,,What will he sell this time?". And he should have rare items, because when those would show up, you would have similar feeling like finding those in loot in chest (unless u wouldn't have enough emeralds to pay, then it would be RIP)

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    AnimalLeaf67 commented
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    I believe the Wandering Trader should also offer Shulker Boxes.

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    TWilde1988 commented
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    At the VERY LEAST the wandering trader should sell all items that are not obtainable if you are playing on peaceful mode.

    Ghast tears, Blaze rods and Spider eyes for potion brewing

    Bones to tame dogs

    Ender pearls to enter the end 

    Rotten flesh for trading

    String for Tripwires

    Phantom membrane for Elytra repairs 


    and for other incredibly rare items the price should be incredibly steep and they should sell only one at a time

    Mob heads (for fun)

    A Nether Star for 64 Emeralds + 3 Wither Skeleton heads (which you would need to buy from the trader in the first place)

    Shulker shells for 48 Emeralds

    Tridents for 48 Emeralds


    Items that naturally occur but are hard to get should not be sold (Elytra but players should be given the opportunity to get to the end to fine some)


    I know that I would buy Ghast tears given the chance while playing on normal difficulty 



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    Willem H commented
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    One reason the wandering trader is a fantastic source of multiple items (particular ores or Heart of the Sea) is that he makes them renewable, but not farmable. The wandering trader cannot be forced to spawn and limits his trades, making exploitation of his trades impossible (given the trade limit is balanced to the item).

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    DrFNZoidberg commented
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    I think he should sell items you cant get in standard survival. For example, complete spider webs, mob eggs, monster spawners, end portal frames, etc.

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    ArseMonkey commented
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    The wandering traders do seem to sell nothing but crap and their only use is a source for leads. 


    would be nice if they sell stuff you cant normally get in peaceful mode, for example

    blaze dust or blaze rods.. 

    Eye of Ender / Ender perls. 

    Mob heads. 


    at the moment its bits of grass and stuff you can easily obtain..  not worth spending your hard earned cash on. 

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    Floppy Gomper commented
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    Perhaps just give him access to the the trades of all villagers, with slightly higher prices for sales and slightly lower for buying. After all, he is a wandering TRADER, not SELLER, so he should buy stuff from players as well.

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    i dont know what exact things that he should sell but its definitely sure that his trades need to be changed or adjusted. 

    By seeing his trades in Minecraft wiki , I am 100% sure that no one wants all flowers varients, all seed varients , all sappling varients, and bunch more.

    Only  things that are good in his trades are; 

    1. coral blocks because u cannot craft or get them except the oceans obviously.

    2. nautilus shells because its hard to get them (afk fishing is too overpowered which i hate )

    i was going to add glowstone and sea pickle to this list but u can get glowstone from claric villager and u can farm sea pickle in java edition


    I have see the comments saying like he should sell tears or enderpearls or other things



    it lowers down the fun.

    for instance, I don't wanna get flowers, seed, ice, sappling, etc which I know if I explore it will be much much more fun


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    TajnyAgent008 commented
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    Well, for me, wandering trader is used to get a lot of unique plants, when I can't find their biomes, so it would make sense for wandering traders to sell bamboo. However I don't really agree with the rest of this post, although renewable hearts of the sea sound good too.

    AlI wanted to say is described better in a different comment above by someone named A Whimper.

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    The wandering trader is quite useless for late game players after people have setup a slime farm, found a warm ocean, found a jungle biome, etc. Here's some ideas for trades that would be useful. 

    • 1 emerald for 1 iron ingot
    • 64 emeralds for 1 netherite scrap
    • 32 emeralds for 1 diamond. 
    • Possibly enchanted books with treasure enchantments such as frost walker and mending but not soul speed with a super rare chance. 
    • 2 emeralds for 1 wither rose
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    Pharen9596 commented
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    I think the wandering trader should be able to interact with your world stats to unlock rarer items for trade.

    For example, once you've killed 25 blazes, blaze rods could have a chance to be a rare trade.
    same goes for shulker shells at 25 shulkers, and magma cream after 25 magma cubes. These numbers could be tweaked for more or less kills of a particular mob. Spider webs could be a potential rare trade at 100 spiders. Maybe sponges after 9 elder guardians killed.

    Basically a chance to get difficult, rare, or annoyingly grindy items once you've achieved enough, but no way to avoid doing it properly the first time. This would make the trader more sought after in the endgame, rather than just a nuisance.

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    I do think the wandering trader should sell more things, but not useful things because that allows the player to easily beat the game, which is why they don't have diamond trades in the first place. I think the wandering trade should be able to trade animal/ non- hostile spawn eggs, because that would make it easier for the players to get some more pets at their base, like a panda, if their house is on a mountain island. Plus, spawn eggs wouldn't really help the player, so it would be a great way of getting spawn eggs in survival.

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    He should also sell items based on the biome you have you have not visited. He 'wanders' for petesake. He should not offer saplings or flowers in a biome that's full of it. Also, he's a trader. Make him buy stuff from with items that tend to be 'in excess'. My logic is that he'll sell these excess items for a higher mark up as he wanders away.

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    Klem0077 commented
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    In addition to the being far away from villages thing, I think that the player should be able to sell stuff to him. this could be small things, a bit of supplies for his journey and whatnot. Stuff like

    • Wheat/Carrots/other crops
    • Food
    • Coal
    • A bucket of Water

    I'm just spit balling ideas here, it would make it easier to trade with him. 

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    Evil Sharkey commented
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    I think he should frequently have items that are hard to find, like rare biome specific items (cocoa beans, allium, etc.), but he should also sell enchanted books, pottery fragments, music discs, and other items that are findable or craftable but a pain in the butt to obtain.

    The trade slots should be ranked, with the first few being common items from outside of the current biome, the next two being items from uncommon biomes, and the last being a rare item, like a high level enchanted book, pottery fragments, music discs, etc. The latter should be so rare that it doesn’t replace things like archaeology or getting creepers killed by skeletons, just complement them.

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    Tobias Wood commented
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    You guys do know that the wandering trader does not kill mobs for mob heads, or ceratin loot. nor does he goes to the end or ether dimesion. No I think his trades gotta be overworld biomes related, and structer related(that does'nt have them face mobs like pillages and droweds. like heart of the sea, berrys, and bucket of axelot.(although many of your ideas are great.)

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    cranzag commented
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    One of the comments mentioned that the Wandering Trader only sells items from biomes you have not visited and especially not from your current biome. I think alternatively it would be very cool if the Wandering Trader was willing to buy items from biomes you've been to as well as your current biome

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    Tobias Wood commented
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    That's a good idea!