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Sweeping Edge and Pets


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    As the suggestion includes cats, the subject line's been adjusted slightly to be more inclusive. :)


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    Pascal Anema commented
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    I agree, this is a very annoying problem :(

    Save the pets! Stop sweeping edge from harming our friends!

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    I mean Sweeping It's always been on java but I think wait I know we should add it pocket because sweeping has always been something we wanted in PE and also seeing the weapon or tool attack speed and damage

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    Thomas Wagner commented
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    ... and non-aggressive neutral mobs. As long as they aren't going to attack you.
    Like Bees, Zombified Piglings, regular Piglings, Wolves, Dolphins, Villager sporned Iron Golems, Day-Spiders, Enderman.

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    Dox1296 commented
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    Yes!, a post I agree with. I sometimes punch my cat while trying to fight mobs, and I have to go fishing in the lake that’s 50 blocks away, and come back and die and get my stuff back, organise my inventory, and finally feed my cat.