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Animations with Skins


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    AgentCPU0 commented
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    Blocks such as lava, water and sea lanterns, among other blocks and items, already have animated textures. It's pulled off by stacking individual frames on top of each other in the image file. With that in mind, I have a potential solution, although it might take up more space, as well as some technical know-how. Have a standard skin file, and any body part that needs to be animated would require it's own separate file, layered similar to the above mentioned blocks. Technically speaking, that would potentially mean if every piece was animated, both the base and outer layers, would total 12 files. The standard skin on those parts would be transparent to accommodate these files, and anything static would still be there. It's a lot to suggest, but hopefully it makes sense

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    TheVoidX3 commented
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    The possibilities would be endless

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    Blast Burner commented
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