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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


better nether portal


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    TheRedLoro commented
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    I think that if you really want people to vote for this you should rewrite it becuase the way it is now doesn't make too much sense. It's all over the place and I am having trouble understanding exactly what you want. 

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    Camellias4465 commented
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    With the Nether update coming next, I think this is a very underrated suggestion that should definitely be taken into account. I was actually coming here to suggest this very thing, but checked if anyone else suggested it yet, and lo and behold, they have. I do think it needs to be described a little better though, so here you go:

    • Nether portals can be made both horizontally and vertically, perhaps even in any shape we want.
    • Portals of all kinds get a special render, which shows the other side, including mobs moving around, such as the Nether or End (basically it loads the chunks on the other side of the portal, as long as the portal itself is loaded).
    • Transfer to the new dimension is as instantaneous as possible, so it feels more fluid to travel to dimensions.
    • Recommend having an option to disable the render, so that players with weaker PCs don't get massive frame drops when around portals.
    • The ability to fly through nether portals with an elytra, and ride through nether portals on a mount.

    I think that pretty much gets everything? Ideally, Mojang would implement this in a way that modders can even take advantage of easier, but that's not super important, and is up to Mojang in the end if they want to make it easier for us.