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Give Pillagers Horned Helmets like Vikings


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    Moved to proper category.

    Thanks for your contribution.


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    Sea of mobs commented
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    Not every Viking wore horned helmets. Some berserker vikings did


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    Octoboy80 commented
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    I see you know the truth.

    we do not have horns on our helmets.

    You know too much and must be disposed of.

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    Vikings didn't have a reason to raid. Pillagers do...

    1000 years ago, Villagers killed witches, like we used to. One day, a heavily harmed adventurer, Mill, fainted in a dark oak forest. A kind medium (That dark magic doesn't cause warts, but it does turn the skin unnaturally pale), named Saria, found him and healed him. Mill thanked Saria, paid her, and left. 2 months later, this happened again, only he traveled to her and asked. This became normal, and they became close. 5 years later, Mill secretly married Saria, and 5 years after that, he built a vast mansion for them and their expected children to live in. They had twins, named Piller and Eve. Piller set out to explore the world, while Eve learned all she could from Saria about magic. Piller soon found a village, and was nearly stoned to death by the villagers. he tried again. Same thing. Piller and Eve were furious.