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Improve execute if data


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    Alex Testria commented
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    I can totally agree!

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    SkorpGaming commented
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    Please don't forget

    matches X

    where X is a double. This way, you don't need a scoreboard to test for fixed numbers.

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    YRUKillingMe commented
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    Expecially needed for storing and reading the result of a command with

    /execute store success storage ...
    /execute if data storage ...

    If you try checking with the second command, it can't differentiate whether the first command failed or not! In both cases it stores a value, but that value is not checked.

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    YRUKillingMe commented
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    Turns out, you actually can test whether the nbt data matches a pre-determined value. It's not as versatile as what you're suggesting, but at least we have a workaround for now.

    You just need to use the standard nbt syntax and it will check if the data matches:

    /execute if data entity @s {SelectedItem:{Count:1b}}

    Which would almost work like your example:

    /execute if data entity @s SelectedItem.Count matches score @s testscore
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    matches tag doesn't really make sense, how would the game know what kind of tag to use?