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    Loris Gregori commented
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    Why add Walruses?
    The Frostburn Update (1.10) introduced Polar Bears to Minecraft. In my opinion Walruses would make a nice addition to the cold side of Minecraft. Polar Bears and the Walruses interact in a way (seen below) with each other which in my opinion is an other reason to implement them as well.

    What is their behaviour?
    Walruses live in herds with many other Walruses in the cold zones of Minecraft. Hence, Cold Ocean, Deep Cold Ocean, Frozen Ocean and Deep Frozen Ocean. Most of the time they can be found in water but occasionally they are lying on very small islands of ice they split with their own tusks from the landmass.
    Walruses  are neutral towards players. However, if a player decides to punch their babies they become aggressive.
    They eat all the types of fish which can be found in the abovementioned Biomes. Now and again Polar Bears try to attack Walrus babies if their parents aren't nearby.

    What do they eat?
    Walruses live off fish, mussels, snails and different crustaceants. Since fish are the only ones of these in Minecraft they eat them. 

    What do Walruses drop after they are getting killed?
    Most of the time they drop some fish but rarely also ivory. 

    How do they look like in Minecraft?
    A Walrus in Minecraft should have a slightly bigger size than a cow. They have long tusks.I have thought about this look (thanks to the Zoo and Wild Animals Mod):

    Now thank you for reading. Looking forward to your feedback. :)