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(Content Request) Minecraft Dungeons Texture Pack


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    Xanitronic commented
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    Yes if we can have that for Java and Bedrock it would create an alternate aesthetic for builders to use in builds.

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    They are trying to go for a more medieval styled theme for Minecraft dungeons which is why the textures are different.

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    Yeah yeah I love this idea maybe if you purchased Minecraft Dungeons you get it for free 🤔.

    I totally agree with you, I love the idea I can’t wait to see the creepers. 🤯 they should make a Minecraft Dungeons Recourse pack or even mash up pack!

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    And also if we can get a lantern road Pat pleas

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    Barildruik commented
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    I want a whole resource pack with everything from dungeons in Minecraft propper, wither armor, mobs, foods, glaives and new weapons. Im so down for a resource pack.

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    Yes! I would love to be able to play MC once in a while with the MC Dungeons Textures!