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Riding Horses - Controls should be like boats


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    シ ツ commented
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    I like this suggestion. This is something I've always wanted for a while, but you know, I couldn't find the right words to explain it. However, I believe that certain adjustments have to be made to horses since such a feature would make cavalry combat unstoppable vs players on foot unless you do something like an infantry square lol.

    Implement a stamina feature OR give horses their own hunger bar

    • Whichever works best, the goal is to create a penalty for riding a horse too long.
    • Giving horses a stamina feature warrants a new attribute similar to the likes of speed and jump, or it could rely on another attribute such as max health. Perhaps the horse can become exhausted if ridden for more than x minutes, where x is the horse's max health or stamina value.
    • Giving horses their own hunger bar is an alternative to stamina, and might give purpose to the useless feeding animation now that they have a reason to eat grass. If their hunger is low, the horse cannot move at full speed, similar to players' sprint.
    • If a horse is dying from hunger, there must be a unique damage sound or animation. It shouldn't be confused with other effects like Wither or Poison.
    • Adding a hunger bar for horses might demand consistency to add this feature to every other animal, but from a lore perspective this merely demonstrates the bond between player and horse.

    Horses shouldn't be able to do sharp turns without losing momentum

    • Yaw turns should be done in a manner similar to boats.