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Texture Change


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    Weegee Doggo commented
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    So in other words, be able to place a cobblestone block that looks like it's from Faithful, and then press a button and be able to place another cobblestone block that looks vanilla or from another pack? It's a neat idea, it would require you to have both (or multiple) packs enabled at once, and I could only guess what that would do to the game's performance..

    This could be possible, but the lag might outweigh the novelty.

    Or not! only the devs would know

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    DrFNZoidberg commented
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    I have had the same thought. I thought maybe you could do it through the crafting table. Have your "base" texture pack applied so the world is generated with that Texture pack, but then be able to apply 2 more "secondary" texture packs. When you go to make a crafting table, it would ask you what pack you want that crafting table to be made from, and anything created from that table, would be from a secondary pack. For example, set the city pack as the base, and the plastic and candy packs as the Secondary. The world is generated from the city pack, but you make a crafting table and select it to be the candy crafting table. From that point on, any block made from that table would be candy textured blocks.