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Music Packs


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    avari six commented

    You can separate out the textures from the sounds in a resource pack into two separate resource packs already by messing with the files.

    I can see it would be useful if in-game, when you select your resource pack, you could turn on and off language, models, sound, textures, and texts separately when you've selected a resource pack.

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    This would be useful instead of a pack sandwich in Minecraft BR

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    on the bedrock market place there is a section like this but holds the original music and has been there since you had to manually download the music but the only thing in the section is the original music.

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    MetroSubway commented

    I just started playing Minecraft for the first time yesterday, and this has been on my mind quite a lot.  Aesthetically, I love playing with the Mario Mash-Up pack that comes with the Switch version, but the soundtrack is a big issue.  Don't get me wrong: I love Mario 64's soundtrack, but I don't think it fits the atmosphere of this game at all.  I'd love it if I could keep the default music while still using the Mario textures.