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Phantoms use the End as a limbo


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    Feature for mob, not biome, so moving to proper category.

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    I mainly support this to change Phantoms from undead mobs to End mobs, as the End is seriously lacking in its number of mobs when compared to the Nether.  They could have some sort of timer before despawning or "phasing out", whether out of the End or out of the Overworld after a player has slept away insomnia, with enough time for them to be a threat, but not long enough for them to be much of a nuisance.

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    Well I do think this is 'neat' it would mean they don't burn in the day, I guess they could 'teleport to the end' (despawn with partical effects) otherwise it's a sorta Atmosphere change, and with the state of things I believe they should focuse on things that effect the game more directly when adding features