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Permission Level Command in Bedrock Edition


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    AgentCPU0 commented
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    Yes, please, add this into Bedrock. Also, I'd like to add that perhaps specific blocks/block coordinates can be different from default. For example, players can't open any chest except ones at certain locations. Or if combined with a testfor command in a separate command block, they can open a wooden door in a certain spot as long as they have a certain item, like a key card, in their inventory. It'd add a bit extra to the command, but map makers could do a lot with it.

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    AUser0 commented
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    @AgentCPU0 It would be nice, but that would be very complicated.

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    Once We Wake commented
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    This is a must have for realm management

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    Zizazk commented
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    Yes I really want this added! It would make minigames, that include a spectate feature after you lose, possible. For examle you could remove a players permissions automatically using a command block for when they lose and also give them an invisibility effect. I think this command would be very useful..

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    ThatJadon 26 commented
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    Here is my command idea: 
    to easily toggle a permission on or off /permission <player> <permission: member, op, visitor> 
    and then if its custom you can also do /permission <player> custom <permission> <true/false>
    There could also be a tag or what ever they call it so for example in an anticheat I could do /tag @a[tag=!staff,perms=op] add ban
    that would also be useful for anti-cheats to detect a player using force op and hacking the whole server.

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    I would love this feature and I know a couple other people besides myself who would as well. I suggest the syntax be /permission <player: target> <build|mine|usedoorsandswitches|opencontainers|fightplayers|attackmobs|opcommands|usetp> [true|false] instead where not using true/false would just give the state of that permission of the target.

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    We need ist for realms!!!