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AKF/Idle Problem on Realms


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    Moved this request over to Realms and Dedicated Servers, where it is likelier to be seen by folks interested in realms issues.

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    Tech Bot 7 commented
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    Why not make it an Option to turn it off instead?


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    Bugtug commented
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    This needs to be resolved. I'm paying for realms so it's doubly annoying.

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    Edward Delor commented
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    This AFK issue also carries through if you are using a Minecart track. This is annoying if going places takes a hile and you would not like to waste the time shaking your mouse every so often.

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    Dokumashin commented
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    I really need this, I'm about to just pay a different server host just so I can go afk without having to fish.

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    This is silly, those paying for a realm should be able to turn the afk kick off. Only reason I purchased a realm was to record time lapse on a computer in Survival and behold a while later my camera on a platform above me gets kicked.

    SOOOO stupid. Allow us to turn that off, it's stupid, we pay for the service and when it's just me and my camera online there should be no reason to kick anyone for anything.

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    SwampMaster47 commented
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    This really needs more votes but ultimately the suggestion is not worded correctly. Once you get into later game play in Minecraft most people migrate to third party hosts because they provide the features you need. This should be the main argument here. Minecraft is losing customers over this and other lack of features. 

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    Rogerjak commented
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    100% on board with being able to AFK as long as you want! Having to resort to workarounds is annoying and ultimately redundant.

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    Mojang should add a command called "/setidletimeout" not just on realms but servers and single player worlds. You would type the time after "/setidletimeout" 


    /setidletimeout 1 hour

    or (for no timeout)

    /setidletimeout x


    /setidletimeout 60 minutes

    whatever the case, i personally think it's VERY STUPID that realm owners such as myself aren't able to set an afk timeout. We pay a flipping 7 dollars per month on it. We could be paying for disney+ or netflix. If java edition wasn't better than Bedrock/win10 then i would switch back to when there wasn't an afk timeout.

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    Zanzimo commented
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    If I was paying for any other server I could stay on it as long as I want. Stop the kick.

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    ikilullab commented
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    Same for Realms on Bedrock. Is nonsense that we can't AFK as we want or as the owner of the world can let us do. I approve the comand for set the limit.

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    Icycoolbeand commented
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    Ya this is really upseting. Me and mny friends have to make like water tricks to keep us moveing from being kicked so we can't afkfish.

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    Lethrahn commented
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    Just add the command please. this is extremely frustrating. 

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    I have an actual reason that getting kicked from realms has seriously affected the gameplay, not just annoyed me. Me and my friends were fighting the dragon on a realm, and when we killed it, we grab the egg, and jump in the portal. We were reading the end poem, because hey, it only appears once in the game, right? Well, apparently reading the end poem counts as afk, because I was kicked in the middle of reading. That was bad enough, but there's more. When I rejoined, I rejoiined back in the end. The dragon egg was gone. It was not on the pedestal either. If it weren't for realm backups, the dragon egg would be gone for this ridiculous feature that adds nothing to gameplay. We need your votes to remove this feature. So stop reading this comment, and give this post a vote!

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    CoryWelsh8242 commented
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    This is a great idea, it should be toggle able and it shouldn’t be classed as a ‘cheat’ option. To be honest there could be plenty more detailed options in realms, for instance allowing creators to make plugins like tpa requests and setting homes, claiming land etc. I’ve seen realm hosts create such complicated methods of overcoming these small problems; When it comes to hosting servers the only way realms can compete is with its feed and inviting friends functions, in that sense it’s beneficial from both a business and player point of view