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I wish there's an /explode ~ ~ ~ command


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    Unbiunium commented

    You can use creepers that have a Fuse of 0, and a customizable explosion radius (goes up to 127.)

    /summon creeper ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:0,ExplosionRadius:10}

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    jozi lock commented

    i kinda like this idea however maybe not in this way. i would like minecraft PE to add an option in the summoning command to toggle the time before creepers will explode like in the java addition. MORE COMMAND OPTIONS inside of a command for minecraft PE.

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    poporaza commented

    I think this its an good idea, well on the MapMaking its soo much needed

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    Hello as I was looking to my comments I noticed that we can add an option like damage or particle  thanks Unbiunium for your idea with the creeper but I think that adding an extra command is shorter and the command can't be killed ;)


    Example:/explode "x" "y" "z" {damage:300, particle:false, radius:1}

             enough to destroy water /\   no particles /\ size of the radius /\(instead of the Size modifier)

    https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Explosion#Blast_resistance the website to the blast resistance of all blocks

    Example: water:300 bedrock:18000000