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Ability to invite players on Dedicated Server


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    ZarkYoshi commented
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    THISS. It's nice to have your own dedicated server, but sadly friends that play on Switch or Xbox can't join. Maybe to fix the "safety" issue or whatever, they can give a prompt before joining that says to only join servers that you trust, and maybe some warnings about joining random servers. Java has been able to do it for yeaars now, it would be nice if we finally got the ability to be TRULY cross platform in this regard as well.

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    Wolffe1138 commented
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    This would be beneficial to PC players that can host worlds to other friends that can join and not worry about the limitations of the console or the realm hosting. Also that would allow for more ram to be put in to the server fixing a ton of lag issue for others who want a stable game. I highly suggest this be added, I would hope safety issues wouldn't be a problem for people who want to play on the Dedicated servers, i don't see why Console players couldn't join, PC people don't have safety issues with it.

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    I want to invite my friend !!!!

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    This would be very useful, maybe you could have the option to sign into your Microsoft account itself on the dedicated server, so the server would show as a joinable friend, so players can connect to your server via Xbox live, so you do not have to worry about port forwarding. You then could enable friends only, friends of friends, or invite only in the server.proporties.