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Sunfish Addition


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    Personally, I'm not a huge fan of ambient mobs without a function or use in the game.  But your idea for adding this animal actually could have something.  Maybe because it's so big, the player could hide behind the fish from drowned or provoked dolphins?  The player could ride with his back flat against the large fish out of sight, and the attacking mob(s) would lose interest.  The player wouldn't have control over where the fish swims, and of course wouldn't be able to see exactly where they're going due to his side position.  The player could also be dismounted if they run into a bubble column.  The point in this feature would be that it would be just a short, opportune moment to shake attackers off the player's tail, and to give the player a better position to retaliate in the wide, open ocean where'd they'd normally be vulnerable.

    You might want to add this wikipedia link for those who don't know what this fish is, or even an image on this page (this specific kind is also called a mola): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Molidae