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Nethermor! the idea of a new mob


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    Melissa K. commented
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     I think the name should be  something like lava moos  or burning cows.

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    PolarMammoth commented
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    I recently had an idea that is similar!

    Appearance: Humanoid crows in cloaks. Strange but cool.

    Behaviour: Like regular crows they love meat and will steal any meat they can from you, if you retaliate they’ll have three stages of defence, though its worth the fight.

    1: Flapping: The Crowarlock will flap its wings to knock you back, crouching will prevent this attack unless you’re wearing elytra.

    2: If you get a few blows in during their first attempt they will try magic and take control of any nearby undead mobs directing them towards you.

    3: If that doesn’t work they will summon 2-3 little crows to attack you, these will deal 1 heart of damage but will drop 1 nether feather each if killed.
    Drops: If defeated crowarlocks drop 2-3 nether feathers and any meat they stole off you. Nether feathers are like a stronger feather to aid the crowarlocks survival in the nether and have two crafting uses.

    1: The redstone fan, crafted with four nether feathers in a cross shape, cobble in the corners and redstone in the middle. This blows entity’s in the direction it’s facing, the strength of the fan depends on the input strength. Entitys with wings (elytra too) get blown 2x further.

    2: Handheld fans! Wave them at your enemies to knock them back! You can crouch to defend yourself though, (unless wearing elytra) If constantly swung while falling this will reduce the fall speed but reduce their durabilty once you touch ground.