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    TheIronSniper1 commented

    I understand why you would want that information available, but why would it help with multiblock structures?

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    Hulunabc commented

    I think, to set a trigger when placing block and pass an argument of the position of the place to a function may be better.

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    Xavier Hervy commented

    In 1.13 you can use an achievement (in data pack) in order to detect when a block is placed.


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    Martin Carney commented

    I'd like to expand this to include the coordinates (and block type) of last block placed, the last block broken, and the last block interacted with (right-clicked), each stored separately.


    Maybe useful would also be the coordinates of the last block the player stood on, which could be used in parkour maps to quickly restore a falling player to where they left off.


    The current best option for getting the coordinates of a just-placed block? Creating a cubic grid of armor stands around the player and checking each block they occupy to see if it is a certain type. Every single time. And it doesn't work if players are allowed to place more than 1 of that type of block.