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Sheep Herding with dogs


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    Rubens Oliveira commented
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    Good idea

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    machandler commented
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    Great idea.

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    me gusta la idea pero un palo no me gusta mucho, mejor que cuando domestiques a un perro en el iventario automaticamente aparesca un palo de pastor pero cuando esten en creativo no aparesca solo cuando se domestica un perro

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    Goodwarjoker commented
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    Yes .

    I personally think this is a huge improvement because this adds a aspect of realistic life.

    and it also is good because sometimes your wolfs just sit there and do nothing.

    thank you for suggesting and sharing this and I hope this will be added to Minecraft!!


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    Zai6997 commented
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    Your domesticated dog could also defend the sheep against wolves! That way you don't have to completely wall in and protect your sheep like they're a UNESCO heritage site...