We know you like redstone, but how can we make redstone better?


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    Auldrick commented

    The pulse emitter in mode 1 is equivalent to a rising-edge monostable circuit (a.k.a. a "one-shot"). I like that, but would prefer to have it configurable as either a rising- or falling-edge monostable. Perhaps an additional mode?

    The pulse emitter in mode 2 seems like it has the same behavior as an Observer, except that an Observer detects a change of power level, not just on/off. Is that the point?

    The pulse emitter in mode 3 would be a lot more compact than the equivalent of a comparator clock with an additional side input at power level 15 to disable it. I could definitely use that.

    The current toggle: Why not just call it a T Flip-Flop then? I'd love to have a one-block T flip-flop.

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