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(Java Parity) Command block GUI


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    On Nintendo Switch Bedrock, the switch's keyboard prevents seeing your text change in-game, regardless of GUI changes, making autocomplete impossible without using a different keyboard system entirely. When working on a single-player map on Switch, I was disappointed when making and troubleshooting command block contraptions. The slow typing is what I get for working on console, but fighting the GUI and lack of autocomplete caused frustration that made me stop the project. Additionally, that map is stuck on switch until I can access realms, which is another problem for another post.

    Because of the niche of this topic, I doubt it will get changed any time soon.

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    This one would be as useful as java one:
    It combines the two styles.

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    I agree with your idea,
    Indeed CommandBlocks in Bedrock Edition needs to have auto completion to make it easier for people to remember things like in Java Edition and it needs to have increased characters name limit from 15 to 30 or something or perhaps a way to view the input we made without the need to click on each command block while debugging.