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Give every ore a unique texture for colourblind accessibility. [Examples inside]


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    Mjtaylor194 commented
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    I'd like to add my support for this. As someone with really bad eyesight, there are many textures in the game that are quite difficult to tell apart. Iron ore and stone is one that immediately comes to mind. Thanks for thinking of us Swordfish974.

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    VanillaCat45 commented
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    I like this idea too. As someone with vision problems myself, I have difficulty telling granite and dirt apart.

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    This would be great, but it shouldn't be the default setting. There should be a option in settings to toggle it on and off.

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    Norcal4897 commented
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    This is really ingenious actually. I'd love for this to be added, not because I'm colorblind or anything, but just because it gives the game more variety. Great textures by the way!