How can we improve the existing moving creatures of Minecraft? Show us your coolest fantasy creatures. We are very interested in ideas that are unique and not just lists of mobs!

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    WolveReigner781 commented

    ...Interesting idea.  I'm not sure how I feel on this one; it would certainly be a dramatic change for this easy-to-obtain mob.  I just wonder if feeding ammo to a snow golem would really be worth it (when you could have the dispenser or even a more expensive, slightly stronger dispender throw blocks that do damage.)  Also, if you want snow golems to do more than they already do, mainly the ability to deal 4 hearts of damage, you'd also have to increase the base number of health it has, as it would still be weak and vulnerable to skeletons.  Both still feel a little much, as this mob is more of a distraction for monsters than a powerhouse like the iron golem.  The weakness of the mob also encourages creative utilization of protective spaces or positions the player could build for the mob.

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    DarkForceX74 commented

    O golem da neve seria como uma defesa básica.

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