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Minecraft Realms mobile version nightmare Parental Controls


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    Zoruzero commented
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    It honestly is a nuisance. The workaround I found was joining the realm via the generated invite link which you can share.

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    h3r0d0tus commented
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    i agree

    minecraft is an awesome game for kids. but some servers and realms are not appropriate for kids

    we pay for a realm for my son and his friends but in order to allow realm access you end up allowing access to potentially all realms worldwide. another friend of ours runs his on server on his dad’s linux server but there no way to control which servers a kid can access.

    the xbox live parental controls are basically junk and do not offer the granularity needed and the user interface is horrendous.

    we would like a way in the minecraft app for iOS to improve child online protections by doing the following;

    1) allow customization of the server list in app and allow an in app password to be set by a parent to prevent list from changing or going directly to a server not on the list

    2) provide a mechanism to control via an in app password which realms a child can go to

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    Orithyus commented
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    Just just make the controls in-game and don’t let us spend an entire month trying to go inside.

    I spent a day alone trying to add my dad to my family group.

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    macartain commented
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    agree the parental control system is bl00dy awful - this from a nintendo switch parent - i don't know how many times i've been to that flamin aka.ms/accountsettings page.. but despite following the instructions to the letter repeatedly, it *just doesn't work*.. i surrendered and created a flock of xbox accounts for the kids ages ago and that was a total headache also.. i should add i have been an IT professional for years, written kernel code and debugged networks - this stuff has me completely defeated..

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    That is very hard