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(Java Parity) Chat UI


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    TravelByTrain commented
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    They also need to add uncensored chat to Bedrock.

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    What I like about the Bedrock chat is that it has a freakin' scrollbar!

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    AO Plays3246 commented
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    They should at least make this togglable for Windows 10 and the Console versions.

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    Desko7084 commented
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    I'd absolutely love to see this come to the Windows 10 edition. It's such as waste of space. Keeping the scrollbar would be nice, though.

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    xMrJakeMCx commented
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    There is no reason for chat to fill the whole screen all the time, even in touch UI. How about a simple Java-like UI as the default and an optional full screen UI as a toggle with more history, buttons etc.

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    Melly Dow commented
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    This would be nice if Java had a chat scrolls button.

    TravelByTrain Chat should always be censored or moderated as there are bad users out there and some servers cant keep up with the bad actors as they have too many players and not enough staff. Some servers sadly do not care or worse yet, encourage that bad behavior. Action should be taken to prevent that.

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    ChilDragonMC commented
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    I think it should be added, but it probably wouldn't work for other devices that aren't computers. So, I think that the current bedrock one should be modified to not be fullscreen, while also supporting other devices. (Also, the chat is at the top because it would be covered up by the buttons on mobile.