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Phantom as hallucinations


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    DragonFang409 commented

    That's a great idea, but I believe it has been taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30BmmdCnc3A specifically at the time of 1:34-1:56

    You can confirm or deny that, but if you have in fact taken the idea from that video then you should add the link somewhere in the post.

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    This is a cool idea for the character of the phantom, but it interferes with some primary game mechanics.  On multiplayer, players can only sleep through a night if all players go to sleep at the same time.  The game currently has no way to fast-forward time by requiring only one player to sleep, and while this could be changed, it would be rather odd.  With that in mind, would the hallucinations/mobs themselves have to happen/spawn to only one random player?

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    David Rusk commented

    Wolve, merely laying down also resets the sleep deprivation timer, thus circumventing the issue of multiplayer sleep mechanics

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    I see what you mean now.  But it still feels off for "merely lying down" to cover sleep deprivation.  It shouldn't be a complete reset in that state because the player could get up soon after on multiplayer while it's still night, thus not actually covering insomnia in a real sense.  Maybe it would only shave off a day or two of the tiredness, so they can avoid the hallucinations, but still be closer to getting them again than when they have fully slept through all their sleep loss.  It could correspond with some "lying in bed" timer.

    I'm not saying the instant night-skipping sleep would be replaced, it would just cause the night-skipping sleep to cover only a day of sleep deprivation at a time, raising the "lying in bed" timer and lowering the insomnia timer accordingly.  In multiplayer, merely lying in bed will cover the same amount for the night or Minecraft day, regardless of whether all players have slept through the night or not.