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Complete Nether Overhaul- wither boss


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    Samuel Gurney commented
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    I think it would be cool if a wither star could be used to create a new reactor (recipe below) and then the reactor could be placed anywhere, so to fight it in the overworld you would have to overcome the challenge of fighting it in the nether first.

    Diamond, Obsidian, Diamond

    Obsidian, Star, Obsidian

    Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsidian

    And it can only destroy blocks if you fight it in the overworld but doesn't have the flamethrower attack in the overworld

    also if you make a reactor it will drop 6 obsidian when broken (unless broken with silk touch pickaxe)

    and it cannot be broken in the nether (unless you placed it)

    Just an idea

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    Technodono commented
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    Honestly I'd remove the diamonds from the recipe and possible include some nether bricks but also it feels a little cheaty having a wither in the overworld/end so maybe have an toggle able option where you can either allow it to spawn in the end or have it self destruct in the overworld/end default and drop nothing. But honesty having a crafting recipe for it could be good and yea everything else sounds good however I'd have it that the block in the nether would only break after the fight is finished