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Pick Up Cats


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    Dblitz13 commented
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    I agree with this!

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    Or, alternatively, whenever you have two empty hands you can pick up any of your tamed cats. They don't appear as an item, but you can see that there is one being held when pressing E and looking at your character - similar to parrots. If you took damage, they would leave your hands, again, similar to parrots. If you switched your hand to be holding something, they would leap out and resume normal cat behaviour.

    This would allow players to move a cat who is lying on a bed or sitting on a chest and have the added bonus of being super adorable!

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    TenHorses2020 commented
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    I think it would be so CUTE to pick up cats

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    yim yom commented
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    Cats should definitely damage you slightlly when picked up so long as you're not wearing a chestplate or tunic because of their claws.