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ice slime


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    snydergwendo commented
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    How about this?

    The Ice Slimeball can.be crafted into an Ice Wand that when you rightclick a block of air, inflicts a slowness effect on any entity. Fire mobs that walk into this cloud also take damage. You can also rightclick a water source block with it to freeze it. Rightclicking a Lava source block turns it into Obsidian. But not in the Nether.

    The Ice Slimeballs can be crafted into Ice Slimeblocks. They freeze any water source block they touch. Any lava source block they touch turns into Obsidian.

    The Ice Slimeballs can also be crafted with water to create a squishy easily breakable block that creates a water source block when broken.

    Rightclicking a Slimeblock will harden the side of the Slimeblock you rightclicked, which will make the side not sticky, which Redstone Engineers are gonna like.

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    Mc_Shadow 423 commented
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    How about Ice slimes will jump and splash area damage and give slowness 5 seconds splash damage only for big ones