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(Java Parity) Skin Editor In Launcher


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    This is ALREADY IMPLEMENTED, but Thanks for Suggesting! (ONLY JAVA Edition)

    Parker Bradshaw

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    Levi Waldrop commented

    Actually this has not been implemented.

    But personally I would love it if it did get implemented.

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    Hey future commenters, let's try to stay helpful - if you're going to say something exists, feel free to help with links. Minecraft is a huge game and not everyone visiting feedback may be aware of options they have. 


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    Splat Ty commented

    AudioMasterGamz  no it hasn't. Not officially anyways. If you were talking about the skins tab, he's requesting a skin maker.


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    wiktuk commented

    Minecraft REALY needs this feature!

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    I play on a lot of devices. On the same basic topic basically, so I'll make my point here. If they made this which sounds good to me. It would be really nice if it had a skin stealer too. I am so sick of having to use a 3rd party app to keep the one skin I have ever made and will always use. The skin I use was a pic of myself that I added to MTA auto, another game, years ago. I just dumbed it down and it looks great in mc. So I have no desire to change. Sure I test new skins but none make me feeel like myself in game like My skin.  it in the future. Bedrock needs to sync my skin or at least have a "skin stealer" to pull it from java manually.

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    CrankySword77 commented

    I agree

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    MasterJay3315 commented

    Yes please! I would love this, i really want the new launcher to become a one stop place for all minecraft content on my pc, and this would be really nice. Furthermore, it they made a way to share your skins with others in the community through the launcher, that would be even better!

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    TinyDude96 commented

    That would be fantasic!!

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    Great Idea, I use Skindex but a built in editor would much better. I hope that's whats making the implementation of skins in the launcher take so long.

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    You CAN make skins without going to any of those sites. It's just easier if you do. I honestly use Fire Alpaca to make skins. As long as you have an art program that supports transparent PNGs, You can make a skin.

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    I you going to put a skin editor in the new minecraft on Xbox



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    This is a great idea especially since the PC Java Launcher is being actively developed, well as of this comment dated. There is a tab that says skin editing is coming soon.

    Additionally, Bedrock Edition is getting the new Persona Skin System/Character Creator soon which will allow personalised avatar skins, adding cosmetics, editing etc. It would be nice if this feature could be adopted for the Java Edition too perhaps in the Launcher. Of course monetisation and Minecoins won’t carry across to Java but other editing and cosmetic pieces aspects could come! :)