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Zombie Illagers


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    I don't like the Totem of Dying mechanics you described, but the genera idea is good. Maybe the Totem of Dying could be added to your sword in an anvil for a special enchantment called Withering which affects the mobs you hit with Wither III. I could go with the effects you described if there was something in there like what I described.

    Also, I thought the zombified Illagers could possibly have the same built-in armor as a zombie does (2 points) in addition to their normal health.

    By the way, I designed some zombie Illager textures a while ago and posted them on PlanetMinecraft, the link is here. You can use these, but make sure to give me credit if you do. 

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    This makes sense, there is no biological difference we know of between them, other hostile mobs should attack them, or at least be deterred by the illager beast as an explanation for why there not bothered.

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    I think that this idea if fun! But what would happen if you cure a zombie illager? Would it just attack you, or thank you by turning to the villagers side? It would be cool to have a reformed evoker guarding my village!