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Alex Zombie


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    Ahmad543210 commented

    Yes just like the Villagers have a Zombie Villager skin

  • Avatar
    natejb2003 commented

    Good for diversity, I like it. 50% is the best way I think.

  • Avatar

    I want to see it.

  • Avatar
    ThornyFox commented

    I agree, but, knowing Mojang, Alex zombies would become more popular. Just another example of Mojang's sexism...

  • Avatar
    Jol Cool commented

    Yes, this should definitely be the case. Having just Steve zombies by default has seemed odd since Alex was introduced.

  • Avatar
    Blast Burner commented

    This makes so logical sense! I don't understand why it's not under review.

  • Avatar
    Dinorauria commented

    Of course we can't forget that "Alex?" Zombies need to have 3 pixel wide arms. Also maybe the long amount of hair they have has rotted to a silver gray or pitch black?

  • Avatar
    Hamish Knadle commented

    Simple addition, should be very easy to implement, you have my support!