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Namespaces in scoreboard objectives


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    Dhranios commented
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    Custom models can already use namespaces, any model in assets/<namespace>/models/ is a model under a different namespace.

    Agreed on scoreboard objectives, and additionally, teams and tags (from /tag).

    Edit: oh, you mean the CustomModelData NBT tag, right.

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    Teixon commented
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    The only reason as to why I'd really want scoreboards to use resource-locations instead is because of the old scoreboard-id limit which allows you to define an id of only 16 characters which is pretty limited and can therefore easily lead to unwanted usage of same ids of different datapacks.

    Also, take a look at bossbars which they've implemented in a fortunate way back in 1.13 by using resource-locations, which whould have been the perfect opportunity for them to make scoreboards do that aswell during the 1.13 snapshots.

    Same goes for the current 1.15 "storage data" feature which also uses resource-locations.

    Or they should at least change the limit to be more than 16.

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    Teixon commented
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    A change to CustomModelData using namespaces wouldn't do much of a difference because of how you need to setup the item-model-file to get that tag to work. A resourcepack needs to "replace" such a file and if multiple packs replace the same file, only the highest prioritized pack will have that model overriden.

    This would make more sense if we could append to data instead ot replacing it, just like a tag-file.