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Better graphics

needs info


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    Hi, can you explain what you're looking for this to do beyond cosmetic changes? Can you suggest some alternatives?

    Constructive feedback helps us present requests to the team in a way that spells out what you may be looking for and generally focuses on three basic things:

    • WHAT you want done
    • WHY you want something done
    • HOW you want something done

    Hope that helps. Thanks for your contribution!

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    Nox cgt commented
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    Hate to break it to you, but literally every video game is pixels.

    Jokes aside, Minecraft's visual aesthetic is iconic and it won't be changed any further than the texture update by Jappa.

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    Matej Mráz commented
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    additional texturepack as there is the classic look of mc and default in 1.14

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    Boyei Parker commented
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    This needs wayy more votes than we currently see right now. Good grief i am so tired of installing minecraft shaders over and over again, it's repeatedly crashed my minecraft, so to make my heaven and dreams come true can any of the developers read this and attempt to get players to buy an better graphics shader/texture pack(in which you can do this inside the game) so we wont have to keep getting on mcpe mods websites or whatever illegal download sight. This would make life in minecraft so much visually better and easier

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    NOPE. Find a different game if you want that.

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    Tony4FrHost10 commented
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    why better graphics?
    It should be a simple game and not too complex when you get shader and a better pc. Minecraft should also work on weaker PCs.
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    Blue8Evan commented
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    Minecraft is designed to be that way and it is easier on the devs, your computer, and the sheer amount of blocks to have pixels. When you think of Minecraft the pixels come to your head and to remove these would take away what makes Minecraft Minecraft.